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Here at Stevie B’s we get an immense number of phone calls asking if we can help someone figure out how much their instrument is worth (usually because they want to sell it, but don’t want to get ripped off.) We usually have to say, sorry, can’t help you that way. While we wish there was a way to help that doesn’t contribute to putting us out of business, we WILL usually give you a rough ballpark idea IF you bring the guitar into the store so that we can see it. It is IMPOSSIBLE to value an instrument we cannot touch, smell, hear and see. (Just kidding about the smell part!)

We DO offer a PAID Appraisal service where we will thoroughly examine your instrument, then come up with an ACCURATE estimate of it’s current value based on industry-standard practices. This goes way beyond simply looking it up in a Blue Book. We actually have LOTS of experience with assessing a guitar’s REAL value and we offer this service for $35 per item with discounts available for multiple guitars. You will receive a thorough documentation of the condition and features of yourinstrument on our company letterhead, signed by our resident guitar expert, that you can keep and present for insurance purposes.