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Private Lessons!

   Now is the PERFECT time to lock down a good timeslot for guitar lessons. Lessons are available Monday through Saturday during normal business hours for just $20 per half-hour session. Our instructors are very patient with youngsters, and are able to teach anyone at any age; you're never too old to learn how to play the guitar! Lessons are tailored to each individual student, whatever you are into. So give us a call today and get signed up while good slots are still available! More info

Mooer Effect Pedals

   BIG sound from a TINY package! These incredibly affordable pedals will BLOW YOU AWAY! Whisper quiet noise floors, detailed controls and small footprints make these pedals perfect for your tight pedalboards - and they sound wonderful too! Come in and pick a few up today! Click for more info.

Seymour Duncan Effect Pedals now in stock!

   Check 'em out, made by the tone-master himself, the legendary pickup manufacturer to the stars, Seymour Duncan! More info

Joe Ferrara Instruments

   The finest hand-made basses available only here at Stevie B's! Joe Ferrara instruments are exquisitely hand-crafted for the ultimate tone and playability. Discover the magic! Click here for more

Amps, Amps, Amps!!!

   Stevie B's is overloaded with a great selection of new and vintage amps. Classic Fenders, Marshalls, Vox, Peavey, Gretsch, Gibson and more. We have tube amps, solid-state amps, hybrids... we have them ALL! We are making GREAT deals to move 'em out to make room for more! Come in and try one out today! Click for more info.

Wide selection of Washburn Guitars!

   We have lots of nice and AFFORDABLE Washburn Acoustic guitars in stock. Come in and check them out, you will be pleasantly surprised cause they ROCK!

NEW!! G & L Guitars

   Stevie B's is Tampa Bay's newest G & L Dealer with an ever-growing inventory of quality G & L Guitars and Basses. G & L was started by Leo Fender and George Fullerton after selling off Fender Musical Instruments. Leo continued his innovations, making G & L one of the best quality brands on the planet with groundbreaking improvements in tone and tuning stability. Come in and try one out today! Click for more info.

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